Resume Center

Resume Center

At Aviant we do all we can to place the best candidates. Whether you are actively looking or are comfortable but curious, honesty, experience, and drive are vital when you are interacting with us.

As a candidate, you must be upfront, honest, and knowledgeable about your strengths and weaknesses. Candidates who have a thorough sense of self are better able to communicate how they will benefit one of our clients. The more knowledge we obtain throughout the entire process; the more equipped we are to bring best candidates and top clients together.

This section contains various resources that can help you whether you are actively looking for a new career or are happily employed. Here, you can view candidate tips and tricks. We hope to hear from candidates aspiring to take their career to the next level; who are motivated and driven. We only present the best to our clients, so experience, good communication with your recruiter, and an objective to obtain a new, exciting position is crucial.

Free Tools

We have compiled a list of resources we hope will help you advance your career!

We hope you find what you need below, they’re all up for grabs! So please, feel free to take what you want!

Good Luck!

Need Help with Your Resume?

  • 10 Keys to a Dynamite Resume
  • Resume Design- Tips and Templates
  • Creating a Strong Resume
  • Choosing the BEST Resume Format
  • Beefing up an Anemic Resume
  • The Dangers of Resume Overkill

Everything on Interviewing

  • The Secret to Interview Success
  • Don’t Talk Yourself out of a Job
  • How to Answer Interview Questions
  • What to Ask Your Interviewer
  • Four Classic Interview Questions
  • How to Discuss Salary
  • The Dangers of Resume Overkill
  • How to Evaluate a Job Offer
  • What Does Your New Job Really Pay?
  • Salary Negotiation Tips

More Helpful Resources

  • How to work with our Recruiters
  • The Strategic Case for Changing Jobs
  • It Pays to Diversify
  • The Proper Way to Resign
  • How to Leave a Job Gracefully
  • 50 Tough Interview Questions