Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions


Quickly and easily extend your B2B infrastructure and partner networks to the cloud


Why are so many organizations looking for ways to incorporate efficient and flexible cloud-based services into their existing infrastructures? There are a whole host of business and technology drivers behind the shift, including taking advantage of cloud economics, speeding time to value, and providing anywhere, anytime access to solutions.


Aviant Cloud Solutions deliver these benefits and more through rapid, frictionless implementation of packaged solutions that can solve your immediate problems within an elastic environment that grows as you grow. By making it easy to quickly connect your on-premise systems to your partner networks in the cloud, they empower you to architect your B2B integration infrastructure in the way that makes the most sense for your business.


Aviant Cloud Solution offerings include:


  • Aviant Cloud B2B Service—Ready-to-deploy, cloud-based configurations of Aviant B2B and Integration products provide a unique combination of visibility, agility, security, and technical capabilities for your organization. You can use Aviant Cloud B2B Service to:


    • Consolidate legacy systems and migrate your high-value and/or high-traffic partners to a more cost-effective, secure and agile cloud solution.
    • Extend your existing EDI, XML and ERP applications (such as SAP) outside your enterprise with comprehensive B2B integration functionality.
    • Replace costly VANs and gain control over critical high-value interactions with an Axway managed private cloud solution.
    • Meet new business needs, rapidly, without impacting your existing legacy environment.
  • Aviant Private Cloud Solutions—enabling your business to gain fast, economical access to Axway’s enterprise-class technology while eliminating the overhead required to expand your current infrastructure – all with the highest levels of security, reliability and scalability.