Contingency Staffing

Contingency Staffing


The flexibility that employees want and businesses need.


For Employers


The three main reasons companies use temporary and contract employees is:


  • To fill in for absent employees or to fill a vacancy temporarily
  • To provide extra support during busy times or seasons
  • To staff special short-term projects

In today’s competitive business climate, the pressure to cut costs and maximize efficiency has never been greater. You need solutions to the ongoing challenges of seasonality, peak workloads, or special projects, high turnover or low productivity.

Temporary staffing allows you the benefit of increased cost control by eliminating the need to pay for overtime during peak volumes. It also prevents you from overpaying your workforce when productivity is slowed. And, consider your hiring risks; what costs are you incurring as a result of high turnover? Temporary staffing takes this burden out of your hands.


For Employees


Temporary assignments provide a great way to add flexibility to your employment arrangements—whether to make room for family commitments, diversify your skills, gain on-the-job/industry experience, or to supplement your income while looking for full-time employment.


Aviant Corp offers temporary employment opportunities in many industries.


  • Short-Term—Typically one day to several months
  • Open-Ended/Long-term Assignments—Typically six months or longer. May result in a full-time position with the company you’ve been assigned
  • Contract-to-Hire—Allows you to try out a job before committing to full-time employment
  • Contract/Project-Based Assignments—Work as an independent contractor for a specified period of time.