Business Process Management

Business Process Management


Dynamic, successful companies achieve crucial competitive advantage by continuously improving their business processes. Available resources are effectively used, new business areas and currently needed core competences are efficiently designed, and costs remain at a reasonable level. Business Process Management (BPM) operating directly along the value added chain is a future-proof concept used in numerous companies. Our services will support a goal-oriented and successful implementation of Business Process Management as well as a consistent and sustainable attainment of set objectives. Our long experience in the field of Business Process Management provides you with multifaceted expertise gained in various sectors. Based on these core competences we developed a diversity of services which are part of the leading practices. Our services are specifically targeted to the following areas of the BPM.


♦ BPM Architecture with Process Analysis and Optimization

♦ Enterprise case Management

♦ Service Exception Processing

♦ Automated Claims Management

♦ Internal Servicing Backbone


Process Analysis & Optimization Services

Release the potential in your processes by targeted analysis and development of procedures for optimizing your processes. Do not reduce your value-adding activities. Instead, minimize execution times and increase competitive advantages by using lean processes with optimized cycle times for external and internal customers. Benefit from our well established, methodical knowledge to elevate data relevant for optimization, for analyzing process interfaces, and to define Service Level Agreements (SLA) in your company. Let our experienced consultants support you by planning your workshops. They may also act as a facilitator and support you when evaluating the results and to prepare them to aid with decision making.


For many financial organizations in banking, insurance, telecommunication and health care, departments tend to be isolated and compartmentalized, so processes are inconsistent within and among departments. Data is scattered across multiple, disparate systems, and is difficult to consolidate for broader analysis. When departments and systems work separately, it is difficult and almost impossible to correlate cases against business units. Alerts from various systems are not consolidated and prioritized from an organization wide perspective. Time, money and limited investigative resources are wasted on cases that aren’t worth investigating.


Our enterprise case management services provide the following features


High Level Oversight – It provides more than a simple dashboard to track and monitor individual cases across multiple systems into a single enterprise wide view.

Coordinated Best Practices – Our consultant need a central workspace to manage case from initiation to resolution and preserve information for later research and continuous process improvement.

Automated Process – Workflows are customizable across departments to reflect the organizations unique structure, process and policies.