Implementation & Support

Implementation & Support


Solutions for managing information technology


Aviant leverages the knowledge and experience of successful software implementations, customizations and conversions to help clients rapidly create comprehensive migration/integration solutions. The result is a strategy linked to an organization’s overall business strategy and composed of methods and processes grounded in industry standards and best practices.


Aviant professional implementation and support services include:




Aviant has extensive experience in providing a complete conversion-delivery service from initial client assessments through implementation. Conversions are managed under project management and software engineering methodologies. Conversions can be to/from applications or to/from other third-party systems.




Aviant excels in systems development (the construction of business functionality within applications). Development can be conducted for new or existing applications and is platform-independent. Development projects follow proven project management and standard development methodologies.


Resource Management


Aviant experts have the in-depth knowledge, experience and skills to meet business needs and respond quickly to change. Aviant can save an organization long-term dollars in the area of hiring and training additional employees. Clients set the direction and Aviant supplies the experienced professionals to install new systems, assimilate acquisitions and upgrade to the latest technology.


Aviant professional staff has thorough knowledge of software products and are subject-matter experts in technical and business issues, and project management methodology.


Application Management


Aviant excels in supporting the management of production applications – either products or third-party systems. Aviant provides the experts, tools and methods to manage such activities as production support, incident resolution, production change management and operations management. By relying on Aviant expertise in these areas, clients reduce many of the costs and risks associated with application management. A substantial pool of “application experts” is available when the need arises. This allows clients to focus their scarce resources on the mission-critical initiatives of the organization rather than on day-to-day information technology concerns.


Operations Management


Aviant provides operational support for managing clients’ operational facilities and environments at a level of experience and expertise unprecedented in the industry. Aviant operations management experience in the complex environment of larger financial services organizations is focused on supporting a rapidly changing organization active in mergers and acquisitions. Aviant has the outstanding ability to manage the enormous demands imposed by multiple acquisitions of large, geographically dispersed financial organizations.


Web & Apps Development


Aviant can help an organization assess its business issues by analyzing its current site, applications and employee job functions to determine how best to harness the Web’s potential to improve operating efficiency and expand its markets. These solutions also provide seamless connections through virtual private networks, intranets and extranets, and employ the necessary security to ensure protection of proprietary information. Aviant is fluent in multiple Web technologies and understands the intricacies of supporting multiple browsers. Both circumvent costly compatibility issues and ensure a stable work environment.


Aviant builds customized applications for Web browsers & Hand held devices utilizing its proven project development methodology. Whether a Web site requires a simple login and password, firewall protection, data encryption, certificate processing or all of the above, Aviant safeguards data and operating functions with the latest Internet security protocols. Aviant builds applications to reach specifically targeted user bases throughout the world, while data integrity is protected in a centralized, secure environment.


Aviant utilizes diverse technologies to offer business solutions that maximize people-to-people connectivity throughout an organization’s global networks. This reduces costs, increases revenues and keeps business objectives in the forefront.


Technology Support


Aviant has been helping businesses from diverse markets meet their strategic business goals by delivering innovative business solutions centered around the design, implementation and operation of integrated network computing technologies.


Information Delivery


Aviant maintains expertise in diverse operating environments to address your unique business needs. Aviant Information Delivery services provide disciplined, managed operation processes centered around reliable, consistent delivery of information technology for a total business solution.


Business Continuity Services

Planning Services, Program Management, Resource Management, Recovery Exercise Management, Consulting


Client/Server Systems

Open Systems Outsourcing: Predeployment Assessment, Strategic and Tactical Design, Implementation Planning, Implementation Support, Ongoing Operations


Information Processing Services

Data Center Outsourcing: CPU Hardware/Software/Facilities, Capacity Planning, Run Time Improvement, Systems Support, Ongoing Operations, Monthly Performance Reporting, Service Level Management, Process Management, Service Request Management, Change Management, Fault Management


Managed Services

Network Monitoring, Configuration Management, Asset Management, Problem Diagnosis/Resolution, Performance Reporting


Managed Web Hosting

Managed Services, Implementation Services, Physical Facilities, Hardware/Systems Software Provisioning, Security Services, Service Level Management